DIXON KINNY is a veteran performer at KILLED. Younger artist look to him for sound advice, content structure, and most importantly, how to deal with General. Dixon has been divorced for less than a year. Because of alimony, and paying child support for two kids, he’s had to go in with two roommates, who are also artist, to stretch his dollar. 

One of the roommates is MANUEL “MANNY” SANCHEZ, who happens to be African American, and yep you guessed it, he catches hell for the Hispanic name. He’s a young artist with a lot of potential, but he’s lazy, and doesn’t fully respect the art form.. He’s a starving artist with emphasis on “starving”. Manny wants to be a full time artist, but because he’s still at the “amateur” level, General pays him amateur wages. And since youthfulness, good looks, and charm doesn’t pay the bills, he’s going to have to get his ass a job! Especially, since they lost their third roommate Michael Fulton to a cruise ship gig for six months. 

CANDACE JACOB is a bonafide mic wrecka. She’s fearless and can definitely hold her own on any stage, but being a transplant from NY, she’s in search of housing and stage time. Candace is attractive, street savvy and takes no shit. She speaks her mind and means what she says. 

Sunday, July 8th

@ 10:00 am to 1:30 pm

HEB Central Market (2nd Fl)

3815 Westheimer Rd.

Houston, TX 77027

Everyone is required to bring a photo. For more information or inquiries, send email to