Beauty and Professional Headshot Photographer

My name is Curtis Von and I am a professional photographer who specializes in headshots for business professionals, actors, models and high-end beauty.


My approach to creating a great headshot is very simple. Capture the unique personality of my clients, while maintaining that professional edge.


Every face has a story to tell, let me be the one to tell yours.


When it comes to beauty photography, it’s centered around one subject - makeup, hair or face. With my years of experience and attention to detail, we will help you create stunning images that advertisers are looking for.


A quality headshot is essential for PR material, publications, websites and social media platforms. In today’s society, your face is the first contact with any potential client or customer. Invest in your personal branding - it’s just as important as your wardrobe.


A unique experience that shows how fierce, beautiful and confident you are. Expressing yourself through intimate, creative and sensual photos is a celebration of the person you’ve become or have always been! Indulge in the happiness that comes from within.

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